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A Honeymoon shouldn’t end after your vacation! We strive to honeymoon always.  It doesn’t mean we are always in a tropical destination, but to get out and enjoy our time together on new adventures as often as possible. We are here to help you plan your first honeymoon, anniversary or something as simple as date night to keep you in the honeymoon phase.

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Top Honeymoon Destinations in the USA

You don’t need to leave the United States to find an amazing honeymoon destination. The US is full of amazing spots with beached, rich history and romantic things to do. Whether you can not get too much time off work, are on a tight budget, or are looking for a short trip before a bigger honeymoon later you can still have an amazing honeymoon in the states.

From Dan & Michelle

Lessons From Our First Caribbean Cruise

Dan and I just got back from our first cruise! We had a great time on our 7-day trip out of Galveston, TX, porting in Roatán, Costa Maya Mexico and Cozumel. Seeing as it was our first cruise, it was very different from how we usually travel. So if you're considering...

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Our Stay At Ballinalacken Castle House Hotel

Our last night in Ireland, we had the pleasure of staying at the Ballinalacken Castle Country House Hotel.  It was our most enjoyable stay of our trip.  After a day exploring Doolin and going on a cruise to the Aran Islands and by the Cliffs of Moher, we made our way...

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Our Visit to the Cliffs of Moher & Aran Islands

During our trip to Ireland, we stayed 2 nights in Doolin, the city closest to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.  Not only does the city provide a place to stay on your way to see the cliffs, but has plenty to offer on its own. See The Cliffs Of Moher From Above Seeing...

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From The Heart of Texas

Dan was born in Texas and Michelle has lived here for 6 years.  We would love to share the best of it with you! Check out our local trips throughout Texas and the fun we have locally in Austin

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Top 5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Spain is one of the most popular and romantic cities to visit in Europe. With its fantastic dining and beautiful scenery, it’s easy to see why so many people fall in love with this city. Here are my top 5 reasons to visit Barcelona. It has the most beautiful...

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How to Plan The Perfect Honeymoon in Santorini

Where to Stay in Santorini During Your Honeymoon Santorini, a stunning Cyclades island of the cerulean Aegean Sea, is one of the most romantic places in the world. Apart from offering picturesque views of the caldera and blue-domed houses, the town offers various...

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Planning The Perfect Honeymoon in Paris

Affectionately termed as the city of love and romance, Paris is a dream come true for honeymooners. The city is dripping with 19th-century charm - Watch the raging River Seine flow by as you walk the olden boulevards running through the city, visit the Gothic...

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5 Fun things to do in Prague for Couples

The magic of the fairytale Prague charms the tourists in a way no other European city does. Be it the historical astronomical clock, the captivating town square or the gorgeous Prague Castle, Prague is exceptional. Prague enchants couples, families & solo travelers...

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Planning A Perfect Honeymoon In Bali

Bali is surrounded by water from 90% of the sides, making it a perfect destination of a honeymoon. The Beaches are ultimate, blue waters are regular sites, bekateaches are also famous for surfing. I feel Bali holds the upper hand among some of the best honeymoon...

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9 Yoga Mats Perfect for Travel

Yoga is one of the best workouts you can conveniently do while trotting around the globe. Aside from it is good for relieving stress and back pains, yoga also does not require you to be inside a gym with fancy equipment. All you basically need is a flat surface and a...

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Planning a Perfect Honeymoon in Venice

Some people consider Paris to be the city of love. While it may have the Eiffel Tower, the champagne, the fashion, and the pastries, it will never compare to the sweet intimacy that permeates the air of the Italian islands that make up the city of Venice. A perfect...

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A quick guide to the perfect honeymoon in Malta

Malta offers a plethora of activities for couples to enjoy during their stay, from exploring the beautiful architecture, enjoying a romantic meal together or just taking in the amazing scenery with long walks along the beach and romantic sunset boat rides. If you’re...

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Honeymoon Outfits for Her and Him

If you’re done with your daunting and worrisome wedding preparations, it’s time to think about something more relaxing – your honeymoon. Of course, you already know what your destination is, and no matter if it’s a romantic weekend in the woods or a fancy trip to an...

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