Month: March 2016

7 Ways to be the Ultimate Road Trip Planner

A few months back my girlfriend and I made the decision to go on a cross-country american road trip. We ended up venturing 11,636 miles in 6 and a half weeks. It was fast, crazy, and the best trip of our lives. We learned a lot about each other, the USA, and how to make the best out of each moment. There are several things we wish someone had told us about planning a road trip before we left, so I thought I’d share with you. Whether you’re going on the road trip of a lifetime or just going for...

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The Travel Bug Epidemic

It’s official. The diagnosis is clear. The prognosis is bleak. We hate to break this to you, but unfortunately, there is no cure. You’ve caught the widespread, unappeasable, unshakable travel bug. It may have happened when you packed up all your snacks, maps and friends for an All American Road Trip. It’s a possibility the bug crept in while you backpacked through India and lost yourself in the warm smiles, vibrant colors and perfect chaos on the streets of Mumbai. You may have even studied abroad in a picturesque European town (classic travel bug stomping grounds), bringing home much...

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