Month: October 2016

Your Tenerife, Canary Islands Honeymoon

Whether you are deciding where to go on your honeymoon or you have already made the wonderful decision of a Tenerife honeymoon, there are several insider secrets to know to make the best of your time. With this ultimate Tenerife Honeymoon travel guide, Tenerife’s best hotels, best hikes, and general Tenerife tips and tricks will help make your romantic Canary Island trip an unforgettable adventure. Last year my significant other and I had the opportunity to go to Tenerife and experience the amazing island that it is. We loved the island lifestyle, the kind local people and connected with...

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The Hotel Le Littre Paris Experience & Review

For our recent trip to Paris, we stayed 5 nights at Hotel Le Littre.  We really enjoyed our time at the hotel and to be honest, it was the best experience I have had at an Hotel.  I have never felt so welcome and at home. The great location with wonderful rooms, a delicious breakfast and an attentive and welcoming staff made it hard to leave. We arrived at the Charles De Gaulle Airport and made our way to the hotel by train.  It was strait forward according to Google Maps it was only about 10 extra minutes to take the train than...

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10 Romantic Date Ideas For Your Trip to Paris

Paris is a very popular honeymoon destination and is known for the romantic settings.  Here are just a few romantic dates to go on while in Paris. Eiffel Tower at night  I was honestly surprised by how impressive the Eiffel Tower was. Going to the Eiffel Tower at night is my #1 vote for romantic things to do in Paris.  First, the structure itself is a marvel.  Standing underneath the tower, it is amazing to see the steel beams that seem woven together.  It is the only way to really get a sense of the grandeur of the structure.  As you go to...

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