Month: August 2017

A Couples Getaway to Georgetown, Texas

You know the feeling of being in an unfamiliar town and everything seems so different than what you are used to?  Sometimes it only takes a short drive to feel that for us. Last weekend we decided to go to Georgetown, an hour away from south Austin where we live. We checked into the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Friday night. The lobby is wide and spacious with large glass windows letting the natural light in and allowing us to notice the great view outside. In the lobby, there are plenty of comfy seating areas and Jack’s Lounge with live music Thursdays and...

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8 Etiquette Tips for Traveling in Thailand

When you go on a vacation in Thailand, you will understand why the country is known as the Land of Smiles. People are always so nice to each other, and they are more than willing to help farangs (foreigners) make their way in the busy streets of Bangkok. More than that, they are also very respectful of each other. Offending someone is almost impossible to do what with all the local customs being practices strictly by the locals. But while they are forgiving when it comes to farang infractions, it would be a sign of respect if you know...

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Horseback Riding on Oregon’s Pacific Coast

For the past week, we have been traveling while spending time with family.  We spent some time in Salt Lake City with my family for my sister’s wedding then made our way to the Oregon coast to spend time with Michelle’s family.  Before coming we wanted to set apart some time to do one of the things we love to do when we travel, go horseback riding. I found the Green Acres online as a place near Lincoln City where we were staying and they invited us along for a 1-hour beach ride to see what they are all...

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