5 Best Winter Honeymoon Destinations

While most Northern American and European couples opt for the wedding in the summer, opting got the winter leaves plenty of opportunity for an amazing honeymoon. I personally love to use the winter as an opportunity to get away from the cold and enjoy a tropical locations, while some enjoy embracing the winter and checking out an igloo hotel. You may even consider postponing your trip till winter even affloter a summer wedding.  There are cost savings when traveling in the winter time and you will also avoid some of the jam-packed resorts in the summer time.

Instead of experiencing the typical winter of knuckling down for cold weather, heading for the gym to achieve your new years resolutions and bundling at night with the heat blowing and waiting for the summer months to arrive, use this time of year for vacation! Whether you’re looking for a break in a kingdom of beaches like the Caribbean, or week in the snow like the Finland, Northern hemisphere winter offer wonderful weather conditions for having an unforgettable honeymoon!

Here are our top 5 choices for Honeymoons in the winter. 

  1. Rio de Janeiro

The balmy temperature of 40C, amazing mixed drinks like Caipirinha, beach volleyball to pump your Adeline, street shopping, scrumptious foods, magnificent nature spots and breathtaking nightlife make Rio de Janeiro our top pick for a winter honeymoon. Enjoy the famous Copa Cabana beaches, go to the top of the Parque Nacional da Tijuca to see the Cristo Redentor statue up close and experience the amazing view, go to the iconic sugar loaf mountain and eat plenty of Brazilian barbecue.

I recommend checking out one of the hotels on the beach or save some money you can find an accommodation near the metro station to help you get around better just a few blocks away.

  1. Miami

Glossy and thrilling, yet calm and cool! Miami, the beautiful seaport city situated in the southeastern corner of Florida is perfect for a honeymoon in the USA. A celebrity city, Miami has some of the worlds coolest and the best posh hotels in the world, and you can book a room or two in one of them if you are on a sponsored trip.

Spend a day along the Miami Beach in the comfort of a seashore chair, sipping up mouth-watering wine drop after drop. Or, a get out off the soothe zone to enjoy a variety of activities happening at the beachside such as beach sports, sand art competition, seashells catching completion, and not to mention surfing.

Also, don’t forget to hit the beach bars in the evening, and then rediscover life in the little Havana.

Florida might not the best thought for a romantic winter honeymoon, but still a great place if you don’t want to enjoy an after weeding first vacation away from the mass and the city.

  1. Lapland

 Lapland is the largest northernmost region of Finland. It’s like the real-life version of the frozen island; this snow-wrapped region is a stunning spot for your winter honeymoon.

Experience Igloo hotels, snowy bars, tree houses, and enjoy skiing, ice-swimming, and reindeer rides when it’s Christmas time.

With Northern stars visible on every clear cloud-free night between the months of September and Match it is just what the love doctor ordered to spend a night hands on hands underneath the stars.

  1. Yucatán Peninsula

With lush green forests, warm water springs, vibrant history, what an ideal background it is for a diverse honeymoon in the winter.

  1. Indian Ocean islands

Indian Ocean islands are one of the world’s top hotspots in winters. These islands offer sheer bliss to its guests, who want their honeymoon to be a perfect mingle of romance and peace of mind, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Delectable seafood, white sandy beaches, turquoises, this region shows what is a true shoreline life.












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