About Us

Dan & Michelle


Shortly after getting married, we would be asked by a few people if we were still in the honeymoon phase in a somewhat degrading way.  I thought to myself, is there supposed to be a day where I wake up and it all changes and suddenly I don’t feel that great about my marriage? Well this blog is dedicated to sharing the things we do, or what others do, to Honeymoon Always.  Expect anything from date ideas, anniversary trips, honeymoon itineraries or romantic weekend getaways to keep the romance alive!



Tyler & Chloe



From high school friends to partners in crime, Tyler and Chloe have covered thousands of miles together in love. Their favorite adventures have become better by sharing the view with their favorite person. Whether scaling the country on an 11,000 mile road trip or hiking volcanic craters in the Canary Islands, Tyler and Chloe want to Honeymoon Always and inspire and empower every couple to do the same.