HoneymoonAlways is a way of life.

At HoneymoonAlways we want to inspire every couple to get out and explore together and treat every day as if it was their honeymoon.

HoneymoonAlways was founded in Austin, Texas, USA. Two couples met and wanted to start a travel blog where they could share their stories and inspire others. The site quickly transformed into what it is today inspiring couples to go out and explore the world today. Our philosophy is that each and everyday should be treated as if it is your honeymoon, because why not celebrate each day with the one you love?


Meet The Writers

Michelle & Dan

Dan and Michelle fell in love during an incredible trip to NYC. Since then, they’ve gotten married and explored even more places together; from stateside trips to California, Seattle and Florida, to adventures in Costa Rica, Ireland, Spain, Italy and France, and more. They also love trying new things in their home town on Austin, TX. Whether its checking out local restaurants or the latest music festival, taking a flying trapeze class or breaking in the man-made surf park, they’re always up for trying something new.

From time to time they’ll get asked if they’re still in the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship. Implying that at some point they’ll inevitably learn to be less interested in each other. Michelle and Dan believe if you continue to adventure and travel together, it’s pretty easy to keep the honeymoon phase alive.

As many Austinites do, they both work in digital; Dan is a digital marketing consultant and Michelle is a Digital Product Manager at Whole Foods Market. They recently adopted Coco, an adorable pit bull puppy from the rescue foundation Adopt-A-Bull who you can follow on Instagram. When they aren’t working or traveling, Dan likes to photograph pets and Michelle enjoys singing and performing.

Tyler & Chloe

From high school friends to partners in crime, Tyler and Chloe have covered thousands of miles together in love. Their favorite adventures have become better by sharing the view with their favorite person. Whether scaling the country on an 11,000 mile road trip or hiking volcanic craters in the Canary Islands, Tyler and Chloe want to Honeymoon Always and inspire and empower every couple to do the same.

Work With Us

Honeymoon Always is a fast growing travel blog open to work with brands, tourism boards and honeymoon destinations. We are open to working with you to on sponsored posts, press trips, sponsored reviews reviews and interviews.

We also accept guest posts from other Travel Writers.

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