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Aruba is an amazing destination for your round travel.  It is a Caribbean Island with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Being outside the hurricane belt, you don’t have to worry about hurricanes in the fall ruining your plans. Here is a roundup of resources to help you plan your trip to Aruba.

Aruba Basics & Travel Guides is your one-stop shop to get answers to almost all your Aruba travel questions. You can learn about the climate and weather, read some quick tips for your first trip to the island and much more. When I first came across I assumed it was created by the Aruba Tourism Association.  I later found that while it cooperates with the Tourism Association, it is an independent website, which adds a bit of trust to it. This is where I would start my research on the island.

“Aruba is a bloggers paradise with all the bright colored walls everywhere and picture perfect beaches.” – Any of Verbal Gold.  Check out Ady’s guide to Aruba where she went on a whim and loved the happy island.

Things to Do in Aruba

Most things to do in Aruba revolve around the beautiful weather, beaches, and other natural resources.

Christy Woodrow loved Aruba so much she went back two times in two years. After her trips she shared her top ten lists of things to do in Aruba to make sure you get the most out of your trip. Going to Renaissance Island to hang out with the flamingos and going on a horseback ride would be first on my list of things to do.

One of Aruba’s most popular things to do is to go to the natural pool.  It’s not the easiest place to reach, but getting there is most of the fun.  You need a large vehicle to make it along the rocky road, then you make it to the trail to hike before reaching the pool. Looks like it is worth the trip to me. Julie from Earth Trekkers went and shared her experience.

Aruba For Foodies

Without good food, its hard to have a good trip. In Aruba, there is plenty of great food to enjoy.  Deborah shared here experiences with her guide on Where to Eat in Aruba. Those Dutch Pancakes and Acai bowls have my mouth watering!

Aruba With Family

Most kids love the beach, which means they will probably love Aruba.  There are several beaches known for being kid friendly, especially Baby Beach, named for its shallow waters.  Beyond the beaches there are plenty of kid friendly attractions like the butterfly farm and donkey sanctuary. Check out these blogs for more information about going to Aruba as a family.

Jen, The Rebel Chick, spend a day in Aruba on a port visit.  See what she recommends for things to do in Aruba with kids.  You can also check our 5 Impressions from Aruba from Mommy Points.

Aruba As A Couple

Looking to go to Aruba on a honeymoon, anniversary or anytime with your significant other?  Aruba is an amazing place to spend time relaxing or on an adventure with someone you love.  For some guidance, check out this Aruba Honeymoon Guide from Honeymoon Always.

Aruba Itineraries

Wondering how long to stay in Aruba?  If you only have 2 days, check out what Sherry was able to fit into her 48-hour stay in Aruba. I think 3 days is really a minimum for a trip to Aruba. Alex from Alex In Wanderland spent three days in Aruba and it looks like she had a blast.

If you can spend more time, I recommend 5 days to one week. You can see how Christina decided to spend her 5 days in paradise.

Have another resource about Aruba you would like to share?  Comment with a link below!

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