the milky way in oregon perfect for honeymooners

An Oregon Honeymoon

If you’re thinking about honeymooning in Oregon, you probably already know that this beautiful and underrated state has a lot to offer. Some people call it an outdoor playground and they’re definitely right. Rugged coastlines that stretch for 363 miles, scenic mountains, sandy deserts, hot springs, waterfalls and old forests that feel like you’ve stepped … Read More

A Bermuda Honeymoon Guide

The tropical, memorable island of Bermuda is a British island territory settled in the North Atlantic Ocean. Their iconic pink sand beaches have long drawn tourists from all over the world to the island. Bermuda is made up of 138 islands with bridges and causeways connecting the eight largest islands. Looking to visit beautiful Bermuda … Read More

Honeymoon in Spectacular St. Lucia

Thinking about a honeymoon in St. Lucia? Many newlyweds are! Nestled between the South Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, St. Lucia is often referred to as “little Hawaii”. This picturesque island is home to mountain views, relaxing beaches and a plethora of on island activities that showcase its natural beauty and keep travelers entertained. … Read More

Best Backpacking Stoves

One essential piece of gear is a backing stove.  There are several types of stoves to choose from and within each type there are even more options.  Most backpackers go for canister stoves but sometimes situations call for other typers of stoves as well.  Here is our guide to choosing the best stoves for backpacking. … Read More

The 10 Top Backpacking Tarps

When planning a backpacking trip, a backpacking tarp can be an effective way to lessen your pack weight without sacrificing comfort. As opposed to a basic tarp you might have protecting your grill outside, tarps that are made for backpackers are much more lightweight, come in various shapes and sizes and have different configurations to … Read More

Victoria Falls – A Destination for Adventurous Couples

Africa is probably the most difficult continent to travel, apart from Antarctica, obviously… However, it’s also very rewarding, offering incredible adventures, unique experiences and romantic getaways. Victoria Falls is one of the most famous attractions in Africa and one that offers everything you would expect in an African travel destination. Victoria Falls are located on … Read More