Kayaking out of Dingle Harbor

Our Kayaking Adventure In Dingle Ireland

Today is the last day before we leave Ireland. I really can’t complain or seem too sad since we are moving onto Spain, but as I sit here at the Ballinalacken Castle overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with the outline of the Cliffs of Moher in the distance, I can’t help but have a hint of sadness thinking … Read More

Best Cites in Spain for Romance

While Spain is an easy choice to make as a honeymoon destination, choosing which city to go to can be  harder than picking up the bride’s dress. And you can’t be blamed if you simply can’t make up your mind. To help you out with that, I have shortened the list of romantic cities in … Read More

A Couples’ Weekend Guide to Brighton

Perched majestically on the South Coast is the much-loved seaside town of Brighton. Long revered as the ideal place to spend a bit of time with a loved one, thousands of couples flock there every year for an ideal getaway. The town is famed for its tremendous shopping, attractions and restaurants. Whether you’re looking for … Read More

Your Tenerife, Canary Islands Honeymoon

Whether you are deciding where to go on your honeymoon or you have already made the wonderful decision of a Tenerife honeymoon, there are several insider secrets to know to make the best of your time. With this ultimate Tenerife Honeymoon travel guide, Tenerife’s best hotels, best hikes, and general Tenerife tips and tricks will … Read More

The Hotel Le Littre Paris Experience & Review

For our recent trip to Paris, we stayed 5 nights at Hotel Le Littre.  We really enjoyed our time at the hotel and to be honest, it was the best experience I have had at an Hotel.  I have never felt so welcome and at home. The great location with wonderful rooms, a delicious breakfast and an … Read More

10 Romantic Date Ideas For Your Trip to Paris

Paris is a very popular honeymoon destination and is known for the romantic settings.  Here are just a few romantic dates to go on while in Paris. Eiffel Tower at night  I was honestly surprised by how impressive the Eiffel Tower was. Going to the Eiffel Tower at night is my #1 vote for romantic things to … Read More

Summer Solstice

Start Your Summer at Stonehenge

With the summer solstice, June 20th, right around the corner you need to make sure you’re ready. To a lot of people the summer solstice is just another day that comes and goes without much thought other than, “Well I guess it’s officially summer now.” If that’s you, then that’s just fine, but I challenge … Read More