Pork Humba Recipe

Pork Humba Recipe

Pork Humba is one of those dishes that you remember.  I tried Pork Humba from a small stand at a simple food court in the Southern Philippines.  It is a slightly sweet entree that is simple to make. This is a very traditional recipe for Pork Humba with a soy sauce base, flavored with star … Read More

Hawaiian Beef Stew Recipe

I’ve got Hawaii on the mind.  Yesterday Southwest Airlines released their first flights to Hawaii at very low prices.  We already have other trips planned and couldn’t take advantage of the deals, but my in-laws pick up a round trip flight from Austin to Maui for $220 round trip!  Well, It is cold outside so … Read More

Japanese Hot Cake

Admittedly, the photo of these Japanese Hot Cakes shows some that are overcooked.  I should have turned the heat down… Next time I follow this hot cakes recipe, ill take another photo. 🙂 Japanese Hot Cakes are a delicious breakfast food similar to American pancakes. The delicious taste of airy pancakes recently led to a … Read More