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The Rolling Backpacks Travelers Want to Use

Backpacks, they’re a traveler’s right hand. A good backpack will last years, work for all types of travel, and be comfortable enough to use all day. A bad backpack, however, will slow you down during long trips, decay or wear out early, and a truly horrendous travel pack can even cause severe back pain. That … Read More

Best Cameras For Backpackers

I wish I could make this post smaller with one recommendation for everyone. Unfortunately, everyone needs and skill levels are different so what camera to buy also differs from person to person. Click below to take you to the section that best describes you. Why not just use my phone camera? You should use your … Read More

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Choosing a Perfect Sleeping Pad for Backpackers

Each piece of gear you dedicate space and weight to in your pack is a part of a balancing act. While everything you bring is essential, the right sleeping pad ranks high in “ability-to-totally-change-your-trek.” Afterall, it doesn’t matter how epic the trip is if you’re too groggy to appreciate the awesome. So, let’s break down … Read More

Best Backpacking Stoves

One essential piece of gear is a backing stove.  There are several types of stoves to choose from and within each type there are even more options.  Most backpackers go for canister stoves but sometimes situations call for other typers of stoves as well.  Here is our guide to choosing the best stoves for backpacking. … Read More

The 10 Top Backpacking Tarps

When planning a backpacking trip, a backpacking tarp can be an effective way to lessen your pack weight without sacrificing comfort. As opposed to a basic tarp you might have protecting your grill outside, tarps that are made for backpackers are much more lightweight, come in various shapes and sizes and have different configurations to … Read More

9 Yoga Mats Perfect for Travel

Yoga is one of the best workouts you can conveniently do while trotting around the globe. Aside from it is good for relieving stress and back pains, yoga also does not require you to be inside a gym with fancy equipment. All you basically need is a flat surface and a yoga mat. Quick changes … Read More