San Diego sunset cliffs

3 Ways to Spend One Day in San Diego

Located on the southern coast of California, San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities of the state, and it is known for its breathtaking views of the Pacific, spectacular multiculturalism, friendly locals, as well as the multitude of exciting things to do. If you plan to go to San Diego for a short … Read More

Bali vs Thailand

Choosing Your Indonesian Destination: Bali vs. Lombok

Indonesia is a stunning destination with many amazing places, Bali, being by far, its most famous island. A romantic destination and a developed urban area, Bali offers visitors natural beauty and lavish holidays immersed in a spiritual, relaxed vibe. Often, however, Bali tends to get overcrowded with tourism, and its traffic transforms it in a … Read More

Maldives honeymoon bungalow

How Much Does A Trip To The Maldives Cost?

If you are dreaming about having a memorable, relaxing vacation, surrounded by luxury, pristine white-sand beaches, and crystal-clear waters, the Maldives is one of your best destinations.  Whether you are dreaming about a honeymoon in an all-inclusive Maldives resort or you are thinking about having a less-expensive escape, this heavenly destination is waiting for you … Read More

Honeymoon Gift Basket Ideas

A honeymoon gift basket is a great idea to give to a couple when they are getting married. Not only are there several practical things they are going to need, but you can have a small part in making their first trip as a married couple be a little more special and carefree. When considering … Read More

weekend in prague

How to spend a weekend in prague

Planted in the middle of the Czech Republic and the Vltava river, Prague is a city of antique structures and matchless heritage. Prague, which happens to be the 13th most liveable city in the world, is a perfect tourist destination for couples. Gothic buildings, cultural landmarks, luxury hotels, panoramic landscapes are a few things that … Read More

Where to stay When Traveling in Dubai

Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates is popular for its luxurious shopping centers, ultramodern architecture, tourist centers, beautiful views, and intriguing nightlife scenes. It is no doubt the most touristic city in the Middle East. It has an expansive area of 1588 sq mi (4110 km2) with a total population of about 3.1 … Read More

bora bora honeymoon bunglow

Best Time of Year To Go To Bora Bora

While Bora Bora has a warm climate all-year-round, there is a variety of different seasons that may impact your choice of when to go. May- October This six-month period is the peak season and sees a lot of holiday-goers traveling to Bora Bora. European travelers are particularly fond of August. Temperatures in this season range … Read More

a beautiful view of the thames in london for honeymooners

How to Plan Your Romantic London Honeymoon

The infamous city of London is a thriving metropolis, full of historical sights and rich, entertaining culture. Honeymooners can visit Westminster Abbey, take a ride up the River Thames or mingle with some London locals. Regardless of what activity that honeymooners choose to participate in, the city of London is full of adventure, romance and … Read More

Cabo San Lucas waves against the shore

How to Honeymoon in Cabo

Cabo has become an incredibly popular honeymooning destination, and for those who have never been there, they may not understand why. Isn’t it just another beach? Definitely not. The reason that honeymooners and travelers alike continue to travel to Cabo over and over is because it is the entire vacation package. People have lived in … Read More

lake louise in canada

planning your canadian honeymoon: a detailed guide

If you’re considering a honeymooning in Canada, you’re certainly not alone. The gorgeous country attracts many travelers to its spectacular scenery, friendly culture and otherworldly hiking. Bordered by three oceans, the country’s motto is from “sea to sea to sea” and most travelers don’t know where to start planning, due to the sheer size of … Read More

southern california sunset

explore southern california on your honeymoon

There are so many reasons to plan a honeymoon to Southern California. While popular spots up North like San Francisco and Sacramento offer plenty of exploration and adventure, Southern California has a unique vibe that is definitely worth investigating.  A few of those reasons being the almost perfect weather, the beautiful mountains and beaches, the … Read More

The romantic Seattle skyline is what honeymooners love

Seattle Honeymoon

What do you think of when you hear about a honeymoon in Seattle? Probably overcast weather, the original Starbucks, and a rocky Pacific Northwest coast. But so much more is waiting in Oregon for travelers who are ready to visit. Get ready for everything previously mentioned, plus lush forests, beautiful summers and mountains all around. … Read More

stargazing in arizona is a romantic getaway for honeymooners

How to Plan a romantic Arizona Getaway

One of the first things that comes to mind when people think of Arizona is the Grand Canyon. And rightfully so. The infamous natural wonder draws people from all over the world and most travelers who have been to the grand canyon report that it’s one of the most awe inspiring things they’ve ever seen. … Read More

bora bora honeymoon bunglow

Fiji vs Bora Bora

Travelers often debate between going to Bora Bora or Fiji. Both are remote, exotic islands with plenty to offer in the ways of relaxation and entertainment. While both islands are great travel destinations there are a few factors to consider that may help to make your decision a bit easier. Fiji & Bora Bora Experiences … Read More

Maui vs Oahu: Planning Your Hawaiian Getaway

Planning an island getaway? Maui and Oahu are two beautiful Hawaiian Islands that rank as top travel destinations. Many people struggle to decide on where in Hawaii to travel. Both showcase breathtaking mountains, beaches and a myriad of activities that all sorts of people can engage in while they’re on vacation. And although the two … Read More

11 Weird things About Latin America

I love Latin America and the adventures I have enjoyed, but let’s face it, there are a few things that are kinda weird, and a few things that I don’t know I will ever get used to. I am not trying to say I do not like Latin America or that North Americans are superior, … Read More

llama vs alpaca vs vicuna vs guanaco

Ok, if you have traveled to South America, you have likely come across an animal that looks like a llama. There are several different species that are similar to Llamas including alpaca, vicuna, and guanaco.  Here are a few descriptions of each animal to help you understand the small differences. Llamas The llama was originally found in … Read More

The Rosario Islands & Things To Do There

Islas del Rosario – Photo by Ben Bowes If you want a place for your next vacation where you can relax and have a break from life stress, then this is for you! The Rosario Islands are an archipelago of 27 spectacular and coral islands. The white sandy beaches of the islands and the crystal-clear … Read More

Talking Travel (And Their New Single) With Husband-Wife Duo, The Bergamont

It’s Valentine’s Day and The Bergamot just released their new single, Periscope, a perfect love song for the day. The Bergamot is an amazing American indie-folk-rock band, consisting of the husband and wife team, Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece. Not only are they great musicians but are constantly traveling on tour as their relationship continues stong … Read More