Travel Tips for Travel Couples

Nothing compares to watching the sun rise over the Grand Canyon with the love of your life. Experiences just can’t measure up to romantic dinners on a Goan beach in India with your dedicated partner in crime. Whether you’re on your honeymoon or on your third year of global galavanting, couples face unique opportunities to … Read More

7 Ways to be the Ultimate Road Trip Planner

7 Ways to be the Ultimate Road Trip Planner

A few months back my girlfriend and I made the decision to go on a cross-country american road trip. We ended up venturing 11,636 miles in 6 and a half weeks. It was fast, crazy, and the best trip of our lives. We learned a lot about each other, the USA, and how to make … Read More

The Travel Bug

The Travel Bug Epidemic

It’s official. The diagnosis is clear. The prognosis is bleak. We hate to break this to you, but unfortunately, there is no cure. You’ve caught the widespread, unappeasable, unshakable travel bug. It may have happened when you packed up all your snacks, maps and friends for an All American Road Trip. It’s a possibility the … Read More