Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations in the USA and the world to honeymoon and for a good reason. The tropical setting boasts pristine beaches and a relaxed setting that is the perfect way to start your marriage. Hawaii really has something for everyone.  Weather you are looking for adventure by hiking volcanos or surfing, to take in the culture by enjoying a luau and some typical Hawaiian music played on the Ukulele, relaxing on the beach or a bit of a mix.

Choose the Right Island

Each island in Hawaii offers different attractions and activities where you can stay busy or spend your honeymoon sleeping in during the trip. When you want to know which Hawaiian island for a honeymoon, it’s important to research each island to determine where you’ll feel like you fit in depending on your personality and preference. Lanai is the perfect place to visit for couples who consider themselves to be beach bums and don’t want to stray too far from the sand. You can visit the island during the shoulder season in the fall and spring when the rates are lower and fewer tourists are present.


Honolua Bay in Maui Island | © Hawaii Savvy / flickr

Maui is ideal if you’re health-conscious and want to participate in yoga or hike one of the dormant volcanos. You try several different physical activities that include stand-up-paddle-board Pilates to learn how to balance on the open waters with the help of a local studio. There are also high-end boutiques and Hawaii’s luxury vacation rentals when you want to enjoy a regal setting.


Surfing in Waikiki | © Daniel Ramirez / flickr

Culture buffs will enjoy staying in Oahu where you can shop at cozy boutiques in the downtown area or explore the Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House at your own pace. You can also take in the scenery at the North Shore beaches where some of the world’s best surfers frequent the area.


Hanalei Farmer’s Market | © Jordan Fischer / flickr

If you want to spend your day indulging in exotic cuisine, then visit Kauai where you can order the seared Pacific shrimp or the macadamia-nut-encrusted roasted pork loin with mai tais while staring at the ocean. The Hanalei Farmers’ Market is the best place to shop for local produce where you can pick up oversized avocados and grab a fresh coconut to take on the go.

Hawaiian Island

Waipio Valley | © Troy Mckaskle / flickr

If you’re planning on snorkeling or sailing, the main island of Hawaii is the perfect destination to find a tour guide or an instructor to help you explore the lush destination. The island is known for its natural hot springs and hula performances that are on the beach, which are always accompanied by large feasts. Many visitors also dine at Mauna Kea where there’s a high-powered telescope that allows you to stargaze at 9,200 feet.

Visitors should visit no more than two islands during a 10-day trip to schedule in plenty of time to relax and unwind.

Sailing Adventures

Charter Cruise | © Mark Goebel / flickr

One of the most popular activities to enjoy is sailing Hawaiian islands when you want to travel to different locations during your trip. The adventure will prove to be memorable for the turquoise waters and breathtaking sunsets. Many people choose to sail from Maui to Oahu or even the Big Island to Kauai.

Boat rentals are available with yachts or sailboats available, depending on your experience. You’ll need to provide proof of your expertise and will have the freedom to set your own schedule.

With a sailboat, you can sail at your own pace without feeling rushed by a timeline or schedule. You can stop in a particular area to take in the views or fish, making it easy to create your a lax itinerary that works around your mood.

If you prefer to feel pampered and accommodated while spending time on the water, you can hire a charter, which comes with a crew that navigates the boat and is available to meet your needs. The crew will provide you with plenty of privacy and can show you around a specific area that you want to explore. You’ll have an easier time discovering hidden waterfalls or dormant lavas with experienced guides who are familiar with the area.

Sailing tours are also available if you don’t mind having the company of other couples or families who are visiting Hawaii. Taking a tour is considered the be the most affordable way of taking a boat ride and often includes accommodations that include special viewing decks and glass bottoms to view the marine life underneath.

Beaches to Visit

Vacation Rentals Near Kaanapali Beach | © Joenevill / flickr

If you want to experience the best of the islands, there are a few romantic beaches in Hawaii that will allow you to relax in paradise. Hulopoe Beach is the top place to spend the day by the water in Lanai. Wailea Beach, Kaanapali Beach, Makena “Big” Beach are all hot spots in Maui where you can walk onto the sand and snorkel in the water with sea turtles.

Add Kaunaoa Beach or Punaluu Black Sand Beach to your itinerary while visiting the Big Island to walk on black sand and rocky flanks.

Hanauma Bay, Waikiki Beach, and Lanikai Beach are known as the top locations in Oahu where you’ll find surfers, swimmers, and boaters in an area that has plenty of energy. The surfers are known for catching waves from the sunrise to late at night at local beaches that have a reputation for being lively.

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