Honeymoon Fund Boxes & Jars To Help You Save For The Big Trip

Sure, you’ve saved for your wedding. But have you saved for your honeymoon? ?Now’s as good a time as any to start. Whether you want a honeymoon fund jar to display in your home that will remind you to save up your spare change, or you want a more elegant honeymoon fund box to display at your wedding reception so your guests can show their support in gifting you with experiences instead of things, these honeymoon fund jars will get you started and give you a place to keep your money you have made saving for travel!

rustic personalized mason jar honeymoon fund

Rustic Customized Mason Jar Honeymoon Fund

Burlap has been used in country-chic weddings for a while now. This honeymoon fund box would be the perfect addition to barn wedding decor.

Burlap and white honeymoon fund box

Burlap and White Honeymoon Fund Box

Honeymoon fund black box

Personalized Honeymoon Fund Box

Honeymoon Fund Acrylic and Wooden Box

Honeymoon Fund Acrylic and Wooden Box

This glass honeymoon fund jar comes in a number of colors. Wether you’re looking to match your wedding colors, or if the bride and groom have a color that’s personal to them, we love this way to incorporate that into your reception or home decor.

Colored Glass Honeymoon Glass Honeymoon Jar

Colored Glass Honeymoon Glass Honeymoon Jar

Customized Map Honeymoon Fund Box

Customized Map Honeymoon Fund Box

If you already know where you’re headed on the honeymoon, these location-specific boxes are a perfect way to share the excitement with your guests! It’s also super fun to remind yourself what you’re saving for and get excited for that perfect trip.

These wooden piggy banks are such a classy, modern way to save all that extra cash for a honeymoon. You could also use these as a keepsake by having guests sign on the wood, so you can remember who donated to your trip.

Are you planning a honeymoon in the most magical place on earth? Your friends and family would love to help make your dreams come true at Disneyland or Disney World. (Even Disneyland Paris! Oui oui.) These decals and signs are perfect for display at your wedding reception, or in a prominent place at home so you can remember to keep saving up for that magical trip! Make sure to save a little extra for all those Disney desserts.

If you have a container already in mind, check out these decals you can apply to whatever you’d like to use! It’s a great way to personalize keepsakes or stay consistent if you already have a specific look going for the accessories at your reception.

Are you on a time crunch? These digital downloads can be inserted into the frame of your choice, and would be a lovely addition to any reception table. Put them in front of any jar, basket, vase or bowl and let your loved ones know where and how they can contribute to your new life together. 

Along with saving money the traditional way, here are a few other tips for how you can save up money for a fabulous honeymoon.

1. Figure out what’s most important to you

What part of the honeymoon are you most excited about? If you’re dreaming of lush accommodations, consider staying closer to home instead of spending on plane tickets. If you love the adventure of a faraway place and know you won’t be spending much time in the hotel, consider Airbnb or a less expensive hotel. 

2. Work with a travel agent

While you may have thought travel agents were going the way of the dodo, they’re actually a really great (and FREE) resource for helping you plan your trip. In some cases, they can even get you upgraded experiences and perks at no additional cost. 

3. Go local

You don’t have to fly somewhere exotic to have an absolutely fabulous honeymoon. Consider places that are within driving distance (like my sister, who drove with her new husband up and down the coast from California to Oregon). There are also some lovely trains – we took a gorgeous train ride between Portland and Seattle.

4. Consider alternative airports

Where we live, we are within a few hours drive from 4 different airports. Additionally, when we’ve spotted last minute super cheap flights, we’ve flown into a European city we’ve already explored, as a quick (and less expensive) stop to our intended European destination. Being flexible can really pay off!

Did you find ways to save on your honeymoon? Did we miss any tips? Leave a comment and let us know!

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