The Perfect Greek Honeymoon

If you’re planning a honeymoon to Greece, lucky you! Greece is not only a beautiful country full of scenic ocean views, cascading cliff sides and mountain ranges, and distinct food and culture, it’s also very affordable. While the Greek coast and isles plenty of attention, honeymooners will also love exploring the interior of the country and all the adventure and beautiful sights that it holds. Below honeymooners can find a detailed travel itinerary to help make their honeymoon one of the most romantic yet.

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When to visit Greece

The best time to honeymoon in Greece is between late May and early October when the weather is great and the rain is light. The sea stays warm throughout the summer, so if you have plans to swim July through September is a great time to get in the water. August is the peak tourist season so September and October are great months to consider honeymooning in Greece.

Helpful info on your Greece honeymoon

  • The water: in the major cities, you can drink the tap water. However, on islands and in rural areas, it’s strongly encouraged to stick to bottled water on your honeymoon.
  • Tipping: It changes across Greece a lot. Some serves may include their tip in the bill, but it is still a common practice, especially in popular tourist destinations. Taxi drivers typically expect a tip and it’s also customary to tip local tour guides.
  • Travel light: Chances are, you’ll ride every kind of transportation getting to and getting around Greece on your honeymoon. So expect to lug your bags on and off planes, trains, boats and cabs. Make sure not to bring much luggage so traveling will be easy. Chances are, you’ll only need a few swim suits, some summer clothes and a jacket incase nights get chilly and you want to take a romantic walk.
  • The friendly Greeks: Their culture has an excellent reputation of being hospitable and welcoming to tourists. Honeymooners and travelers also report that Greeks are even more eager to help if you try to speak some Greek. So say “efxaristo” instead of thank you and you’ll be sure to make their day and get some great direction.
  • Cash is king: People use credit cards abroad all the time, but typically in Greece, payment is taken care of in cash. Taverns, small grocery stores and quaint restaurants on the inland or on the isles will likely only accept cash, so it’s smart to keep some on you during your honeymoon, just in case.
  • Greek Taverns: The best part about drinking in Greece? Greek taverns usually don’t have a closing time. They close when guests leave and if there’s live music, the bars stay open pretty late. If you’re looking for a honeymoon late night out, Greece is the perfect country.
Cafe in Greece that honeymooners love

Island to island transportation on your Greece honeymoon

By air: Twenty-five of the Greek islands have their own airports and although many of the islands have several flights in and out during the summer travel season, honeymooners should remember that planes fill quickly and booking four months ahead will save you the most money. Plus, domestic flights from Athens to the islands are an only an hour (or less) long, so flying is an option if honeymooners are willing to do a little research and planning.

By sea: All the large Greek islands and many of the small ones have ferries that leave and go from the island. It’s easy to find tickets for ferries and they don’t fill up nearly as quickly as planes do. So if you’re looking to stay a little spontaneous on your honeymoon, tickets can even be booked the day before. Catamarans, which are quicker, are also an option to get from island to island.

Where to honeymoon in Greece

Greek Isles

The Greek isles are made up of more than two hundred islands for honeymooners to explore, each with their own distinct personalities, beautiful sunsets and cerulean blue waters. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the most popular ones and how to travel them.


This island of Santorini is located around 190 miles southeast of Athens in the Aegean Sea and one of the most visited Greek islands. The dramatic cliffs, picturesque towns and glamourous hotels, Santorini is one of the most romantic islands that honeymooners can visit. The most popular towns in Santorini are Fira and Oia. These two cities remain famous for not only their beautiful sunsets, but also their romantic accommodations that honeymooners will love.

Greek cliffside


The famous island of Mykonos is well known for its beautiful beaches and fun nightlife. They’re also well known for their winding twisting roads and beautiful churches. This island is a great spot for honeymooners to explore, especially if they’re looking for a party. Many call it the “Ibiza of Greece” and pretty much guarantee that honeymooners aren’t far from a party and an adventure at any time.


This island is part of the Saronic Gulf. Hydra stands out because of its lack of motorized transportation so if you’re looking to explore Hydra on your honeymoon, be prepared to travel on foot or donkey. This is one of the most appealing part of Hydra to honeymooners. There’s no better way to explore a town than on the back of an animal or on foot. This way, honeymooners can meander through cute and quaint seaside towns and find romantic adventure down every turn. the beautiful shoreline.


Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades Islands, means that there’s plenty of romantic beach exploration, relaxation and activity. The famous Plaka beach can be found on Naxos. Sit back and enjoy some time relaxing in the sand on your honeymoon or gear up for some fun water sports. Because of the strong wind coming off the west side of the island, Naxos is a great place to try windsurfing and kitesurfing on your honeymoon.

Romantic view of The Parthenon


Athens, the capital of Greece is a favorite spot of honeymooners and newlyweds. Athens used to be a short stop over on the way to the Greek coast, but has become a hot spot for romantic travel and adventure. Athens offers cultural history to be discovered, wonderful food to be tasted and excellent hotels that are tailor made for romantic relaxation. You’ll fall in love with Athens on your honeymoon.  

Things to do on your Athens, Greece Honeymoon

  • Tour The Parthenon: This is a great adventurous activity for honeymooners. When you stand on top of the Acropolis and see The Parthenon, the view will take honeymooner’s breath away. This beautiful depiction of ancient Greek culture absolutely must be on every honeymooner’s Athens travel list. It can get hot during the day so make sure to go either early or late in the day.
  • Explore Anafioitaka: Right under the Acropolis is a tiny and beautiful city that honeymooners will love to explore. In Anafiotika, there’s an original and authentic feel of a romantic island village. Most of the original villages have been destroyed in 1950 for archeological research, but the tiny lanes of Anafioitaka provide a beautiful and romantic view.  
  • See the view from Mount Lycabettus: This beautiful view of the sea is 300 meters above the sea level and one of the most awe-inspiring views in Athens. If you’re looking to do some mind-blowing sightseeing on your honeymoon, Mount Lycabettus provides a clear 360 panoramic across the Attica basin and the Aegean Sea. The popular Horizon Café-restaurant is a great place to make a pit stop for a snack or a romantic drink.  
  • Brettos distillery: Brettos opened its doors in 1909 and has been in operation ever since. Being the oldest distillery and the second oldest bar in all of Athens, this place has cultivated a pretty popular reputation. Their unique Greek menu couples with a welcoming environment to create a honeymooning adventure that newlyweds aren’t likely to forget quickly. Their cocktail menu is often highly praised and their iconic booze wall is filled with hundred of colorful bottles that provide a cute and quirky picture opportunity.
  • Day trip to Corinth: Ancient Corinth is absolutely beautiful and at one time was a large commercial hub of trading and business in ancient Greece. These days, guided tours of the Corinth Canal and the Saronic gulf are a popular activity to take part in. Or you can go relax by the beach while crystal clear blue waters lap against the bay.
Greece lighthouse at sunset

Where to stay in Athens, Greece

Hotel Grande Bretagne

This neoclassical royal property is perfect for honeymooners who are looking to travel back in time. The luxurious Hotel Grande Bretagne is in a prime location in Athens, Greece and welcome honeymooners. It’s rooftop terrace and the stunning city views from every room makes sure honeymooners will never want to leave which their Roof Garden Restaurant allows travelers to have delicious meals with the Olympic Stadium, the Acropolis and The Parthenon in the background. Does it get more scenic and romantic?

The Foundry Hotel

The Foundry Hotel is a unique property in Athens. Their Vertical gardens are a big draw to travelers who choose this hotel. Their beautifully landscaped roof terrace is perfect for a midnight stroll when honeymooners finish their adventurous day. As for all the other boutique hotels that are popping up all over Psirri, the Foundry Hotel certainly ahs the upper hand. All twelve apartments are huge and are perfect for honeymooners who are looking for a long romantic stay. The boutique property’s modern vibe and the beautiful sights inside and outside of it will make sure that honeymooners relax and get into the romantic spirit.

Pallas Athena

Many honeymooners who stay here call it “A hotel like no other” This beautiful luxury boutique is filled, head to toe, with modern art work. So, if you and your partner love art and want to stay in a hotel that celebrates it as much as you do, Pallas Athena is a great choice. Their inventive restauraunt is highly praised and honeymooners will love the romantic vibe. Rooms and suites range from chic to incredibly chic, each with a different, but equally modern and inviting theme for honeymooners to enjoy. If you’re looking for a hotel with personality, culture, art and invention and creativity on your honeymoon, you won’t go wrong with Pallas Athena.  

The beautiful Greecian island of Crete


Most honeymooners who have explored Crete sum it up with one word: diverse. Sandy beaches, cascading mountains, palm tree forests and plains can all be found on the adventurous island of Crete. Their bustling modern cities are great fun for honeymooners who crave a metropolitan feel while the century old structures that stand among the bustle are wonderful sights to explore for honeymooners who want to see some history. Regardless of the multiple vibes that are present within the same space on the island, there is a unity that honeymooners will recognie and delight in as they walk the ancient and modern streets.  

What to do on your honeymoon to Crete, Greece

  • Visit Loutro: The only way to get to this small scenic village is by taking the boat from Sfakia. But it’s definitely a spot that honeymooners will love. Aside from the natural beauty, it’s perhaps the only place in Crete that does not get windy. This rare and relaxed weather is because the bay forms a natural harbor. The deep blue green waters are the perfect place for a a refreshing swim, especially when honeymooners see the water set against scenic white and blue buildings. If you decide to stay later, grabbing a fresh fish meal in one of the local taverns followed by a romantic walk under the starry sky of a quiet beach is about as romantic for honeymooners as it can get. The ultimate romantic getaway on the Aegean Sea. Sounds pretty perfect to me.
  • Explore Triopetra village and beach: The vast, peaceful beaches of Triopetra have grey sand, which is beautiful and strange. Plus, the three huge rocks that honeymooners will see are cool as the sun plays with their shadows throughout the day. Over the rocks, there are two great taverns that serve excellent Cretan dishes and their beach bar options are always nice for a midday snack on the sand. In the evening, watching along the beach with a glass of wine is a fun romantic activity that honeymooners will love.
  • Check out Heraklion: If you’re looking for a change of scenery that’s atypical for Greece, Heraklion is a great option for honeymooners. This green mountain village has beautiful scenes of nature and is right at the foothills of a beautiful mountain. Heraklion is famous for its green sloping hills, picturesque waters, a canyon and their Byzantine monasteries and churches. If you’re looking to do some hiking and forest exploration on your honeymoon, visiting the forest of Rouvas is a great idea. It’s one of the largest forests in Crete and one of the most unexpectedly scenic places on the island.
  • Visit Elounda in Lasithi: Are you looking for a more cosmopolitan exploration you’re your honeymoon? Look no further. Throughout Crete and Greece, this is one of the most metropolitan areas that travelers love to visit and many people choose for their honeymoon. The scenic coasts fade into sheltered beaches with crystal clear waters. You can see the Gulf of Mirabello from Elounda. The space beside the harbor is a great spot for water sports, if you’re looking for some outdoor activity while you honeymoon.
View from Mount Olympus, Greece

Where to stay on your Crete, Greece honeymoon

Mythos Suites Hotel

The Mythos Suites Hotel is essentially an oasis of calm for honeymooners. This is surprising, since it’s right in the center of Rethymnon, which is a vibrant resort town in Crete. The old town has long been a holiday spot for honeymooners and travelers alike. This is because of it’s beautiful beaches, rocky cliffs and scenic harbor views. If you’re looking to be in the middle of it all, but be able to escape the chaos at the end of the day and relax with your honey, Mythos Suites is the place for you. Their elegant décor highlights the 16th century manor house and the courtyard at the center of the property is a great spot for honeymooners to relax. With a beautiful swimming pool, honeymooners will never want to leave.

AVLI Lounge Apartments

These apartments are housed in a refurbished 16th century structure and located in Rethymno on Crete. The old town has beautifully cobbled narrow and winding streets and this luxury property builds on it’s beautiful and cultural charm. Many of the original features are still intact, like the bare stone walls and beamed ceilings. Their rooftop terrace and jacuzzi is a great spot for honeymooners to relax and unwind while their well-respected restaurant serves up some of the best Cretan cuisine on the island. The apartments also offer massages, cooking classes, and wine tastings. The 12-suite property is spread out over three different buildings which gives every guest plenty of privacy. Sounds like a honeymooner’s paradise.

Lato Boutique Hotel

Crete, Greece historic center

This hotel is located in Heraklion on the island of Crete and overlooks a beautiful harbor. This boutique hotel is located near old town and the central market, which are two fun places for honeymooners to explore. The hotel’s rooms and suites are located in two buildings with joint facilities and for honeymooners that want to upgrade to the executive suite, rooms are air-conditioned, soundproofed and elegant. The property’s three restaurants are wonderful and they also offer romantic picnic lunches, tailor made for honeymooners.Guests can also enjoy the hotel’s Turkish bath, or work out in the mini gym.

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