Honeymoon Outfits for Her and Him

If you’re done with your daunting and worrisome wedding preparations, it’s time to think about something more relaxing – your honeymoon. Of course, you already know what your destination is, and no matter if it’s a romantic weekend in the woods or a fancy trip to an exotic beach, some preparations have to be made for this as well. Luckily, compared to the wedding preparations, this is a piece of cake, but once you book your plane tickets and make all the necessary reservations, it’s time to think about the clothes you will be wearing. More often than not, we pack all the things that we don’t actually wear, so let’s think for a moment about what the honeymoon is all about. Take a look.

For her

For long daily walks

Be sure that most of the time, you’ll be wearing your daily clothes. This means that the biggest percentage of your suitcase should be reserved for minimalistic tees, jeans, cute skirts and shorts. Of course, you’ll pack according to the place you’re visiting – so if it’s a mountain during winter time, make sure to pack all the sweaters that you own. The most important thing is to be comfortable, so always leave extra space for the shoes that you will be walking in – that is, the most comfortable shoes that you own (as you definitely don’t want blisters on your honeymoon).

For spa lovers

If, for example, Hawaii is the magical and romantic place you’re heading to, make sure to pack all the spa and beach essentials. This means bathing suits (and since it’s a honeymoon, make sure to pack quite a sexy one), towels, and don’t forget the kaftans, as they are quite fashionable at the moment. No matter if you’ll be checking out the hotel spa center or you’ll actually be sunbathing on an exotic beach, having fashionable beachwear is really important. After all, honeymoon happens (hopefully) once in a lifetime, so why not be the fashion diva of the hotel?

For romantic nights

This is your honeymoon, so every night is going to be romantic in a different way. Apart from all the sexy lingerie, you’ll be packing (secretly, of course), make sure to pack elegant and beautiful summer dresses that you will be able to wear both for nights out and perhaps dinners over a sunset. Also, pack a pair of elegant shoes that you will be able to wear with these dresses, a small pouch bag and there you go. You actually don’t need your makeup kit as going au naturel on is the best way to honeymoon.


This is the department that you can go crazy in. Bring all your best – summer straw hats and bags, as well as bracelets and necklaces that you want to match with your outfit. Also, don’t forget to invest in a pair of good sunglasses as you will definitely need them if you’re traveling somewhere exotic.

For him

For long daily walks

Just like the case is with her, you also need to pack the best of your daily clothes according to the place you’re heading to. Apart from your own comfortable shoes, make sure to pack as many tees and shorts as you have. Choose shirts in a neutral color which can be combined with the rest of the outfit, and if you’re going somewhere you know you’ll get tan, pack white or light gray ones so that your tan becomes even more visible. Of course, don’t forget your polo shirts as they can look great on you. Of course, if you’re heading to a colder place, such as Alaska, make sure to pack warmer clothes.

For spa lovers

You don’t have to think as much as women do in this department, so make sure you have your swimwear in the suitcase first. Of course, choose a couple of these and change them every other day so that you don’t become bored with wearing just one. The other thing that you need for this are flip-flops, and that’s it. And who says that life of men is not easier?

For romantic nights

Since she will be bringing her best romantic game during the honeymoon, make sure you do the same. That is why packing white shirts (and of course, other ones as you want to be diverse) should be your priority. You can also pack nice pants or elegant shorts that you will combine with your shirt – and don’t forget elegant yet summery footwear.


As far as accessories are concerned, you don’t have to worry a lot about these. The most important thing that you need to have with you is a good watch, as this is the accessory that makes or breaks any male fashion combination. Moreover, take a pair of good sunglasses so that you and the Missus make the impression of the most fashionable couple there!

Even though packing for the honeymoon is not regarded as a big chore, many tend to forget certain things, so it’s always better to plan everything in advance. Make a list of the places you know you will visit and try to make your combination in your head. That way, you will know exactly what to pack. Congratulations on your marriage, and bon voyage!

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