Meet The Team

Dan & Michelle Bagby

Our first travel experience together was to NYC, an experience that led us to realized how much we loved each other. Since then, we got married and have explored even more places together; from stateside trips to Hawaii, California, Seattle and Florida, to adventures in Costa Rica, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil and more. We love living in Austin and trying new things like checking out local restaurants, the latest music festival, taking a flying trapeze class or trying something else out that is new.

From time to time we get asked if they’re still in the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship. Implying that at some point they’ll inevitably learn to be less interested in each other. We continue to keep the honeymoon phase alive by filling our lives with adventure.

When we aren’t working or traveling, Dan likes to photograph pets and Michelle enjoys singing and performing. We added another member to the family in 2017, a pit bull adopted from the rescue foundation Adopt-A-Bull who you can follow on Instagram.

Travel Agent Partners

Honeymoon Always has partnered with the travel agency, 58 Stars to provide our readers with tailored, seamless, custom travel insider-style itineraries that leave our clients soul-struck and awe-inspired.

Instead of stressing about planning your honeymoon or other travel, let us do that for you.  We can plan your honeymoon at no additional cost to you.  We have been traveling the world and use our experience to help you plan your vacation, making it the best experience possible. When you contact us for assistance, you will now be matched with a honeymoon travel agent who can best serve you.

Why A Travel Agent?


We keep an eye on the best deals and perks available. For the same price you find online we work to get you complementary extras with your stay. 


Planning travel is what we do best.  Leave it to us to make sure you are in the best accommodations, have stress free transportation and to take care of all the other details so your trip goes smoothly.



Instead of spending your time searching the web for the right accommodations and flights, we do that leg work for you and make it easy.