10 Pennsylvania Romantic Cabins Perfect For A Honeymoon

With the most romantic time of the year around the corner, most couples have been looking for an ideal getaway to celebrate this love-filled event. Well today, we are going to give you our top picks for our favorite and romantic cabins found in the wonderful state of Pennsylvania we recommend you should definitely visit!

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Newly Renovated Cozy Cabin With Hot Tub

Our splendid picks start here at this newly renovated cabin which has been given a fresh new design to catch the attention of anybody who sets their eyes on the property. This cabin comes equipped with a Hot tub which we are sure couples will very much enjoy to their delight as well other amenities such as air conditioning, room darkening shades perfect to set off that romantic mood among others.

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 This cabin is situated in a secluded quiet wooded area in the wondrous town of Montrose just off the NEPA Mountains. The area is also within close proximity to the nearest grocery store which is less than ten minutes away.

Beautiful Log Cabin In NW Pennsylvania

Next on the list is this gorgeous log cabin located in the wonderful Emlenton found in the North West of Pennsylvania.  Situated on 17 timbered acres of land and less than an hour away from the Cook Forest State Park, this cabin is surely a bargain for any couple that gets their hands on it. 

Pennsylvania cabin fireplace
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From the stunning cabin to the awesome amenities found within such as Cable TV, hot tub, heating and so much more. Together with your partner, you can explore the area as well as enjoy fun local amenities such as hiking, kayaking, fishing as well as visiting the Foxburg Restaurant & winery.

Secluded Lodge Retreat Cabin with Hot Tub

If you’re searching for a nice quiet place to spend quality time with your lover, this cabin is definitely for you! From the courteous surrounding to the loaded perks inside the cabin, there is certainly something for everybody. Boasting a well-finished kitchen, a hot tub, and a dedicated workspace, it’s really hard not to feel at home in this welcoming cabin.

Pennsylvania Secluded Lodge Retreat Cabin with Hot Tub
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This cabin is sited in a vast but lush wooded area in Laceyville, Pennsylvania and has received great reviews over the years owing to its amazing environment. It is truly the place to be with your significant other guaranteed!

Romantic Getaway Cabin in the Poconos with Hot Tub & Sauna

For those looking to escape from the hectic town life then this Cabin has got what you and your partner might need for that unforgettable honeymoon! It houses a large hot tub, tasteful interior, and well-prepared kitchen among other perks. Another notable mention would be the terrific fireplace which offers that romantic atmosphere over the couch.

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This secluded cabin is found in a luscious area in the Barrett Township, PA. The fresh breeze from the surrounding mountains is surely going to be a nice change of scenery as compared to your everyday urban setup.

Cozy Cabin Romance With Hot Tub in Pennsylvania

As the title suggests, this property features a stunning log design which is also replicated in the interior of the cabin to give it that countryside vibe which is well complemented by the view offered in the massive backyard. The area is private and sequestered offering couples a perfect honeymoon paradise.

Front porch of cabin in Pennslyvania
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Other conveniences include free parking on the premise, wifi, hot tub, indoor fireplace as well as other interesting amenities such as a game room with a big pool table. This awesome place is situated in Narvon, Pennslyvania and we highly recommend that all couples check it out for their honeymoon.

Split Creek Cabin on Marshall’s Creek in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

The next cabin on our list is sited in the wonderful Marshall’s Creek and is commonly referred to as Split Creek Cabin. The area is fully equipped with two queen-sized beds, the six-person hot tube that overlooks the creek, a dedicated workspace area, wi-fi among other specialties. Couples can enjoy the wonderful outdoors certainly helping to create romantic moments!

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Found near East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, the area is largely quiet, and little touches to the cabin and the creek based property really give it that extra wow factor. This ultimately contributes to any person lucky to stay here a guaranteed splendid time at this cabin.

Sweet Escape Tiny House Cabin in Bucks County Pennsylvania

This cabin might not be as big as the others on this list but what it lacks in physical capabilities makes up for in personality. This cabin is located in Bucks County in Tinicum, PA. 

Sweet Escape Tiny House Cabin interior living room with fireplace
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For those planning to go on their honeymoon, this is one of the most romantic getaways around. From the simple but sophisticated interior to the amazing exterior which also boasts some pretty notable features such as tow-path for biking or walking, kayaking as well as an impressive view of the surrounding area. Upon arriving at this cabin, love will already be in the air between you and your partner so hurry down there, the romance awaits!

Black Cabin in the Woods in Bushkill, Pennsylvania

If you’re planning to go on a fun getaway that might also entail some romance along the way, then Black Cabin is the place to be. This cabin comes fully geared with some pretty cool perks such as fast internet (Download speed 50Mbps), a private lake with paddleboats, a ski hill, hot tubs as well as indoor and outdoor pools! As if that wasn’t enough, the cabin also comes with a fireplace and fire pit perfect for those passionate moments of love and romance.

Fire pit outside of Black Cabin in the Woods in Bushkill, Pennsylvania
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This wonderful cabin is found in Saw Creek Estate which is in the pleasant Bushkill area here in Pennsylvania. The area is highly welcoming so we suggest you go take a look at it!

Secluded Romantic Cabin on 10 acres With Hot Tub

If you’re looking for solitude and seclusion at its highest level, then look no further for Standing Stone Cabin has it all. If you and your partner are planning a nice romantic getaway then we highly suggest you check out this cabin, why you may ask? Well for starters, it is located on 10 acres of land encircled by thousands of trees thus giving the area a stunning view of the wildlife and ecosystem.

Firepit out of Secluded Romantic Cabin on 10 acres With Hot Tub
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Other amenities include a hot tub, well-prepared kitchen, free parking on the premises, outdoor fireplace as well as a beautiful interior within the cabin itself. Certainly visit this astonishing cabin in Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania!

Honeymoon Lodge Cabins in the Poconos

As the saying goes, “Save the Best for Last” and indeed we did just that as we present to you our top pick for the best romantic cabins in Pennsylvania. Located in Albrightsville, this cabin is one of the best of its kind as it was transformed from an authentic hunter’s cabin to a vacation home suitable for all the couples out there ready to unwind and enjoy some well-needed downtime.

hot tub outside on porch of Honeymoon Lodge Cabins in the Poconos
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The cabin is equipped with a lavish interior and decorations, an amazing kitchen, hot tub, free parking, workspace as well as other great amenities couples will appreciate. This place has been dubbed ‘The Honeymoon Lodge of Poconos’ for a reason and many guests have expressed pleasure and delight after having stayed here!

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