Those looking for honeymoon tips, should have no problem getting ideas or suggestions on where to go and what to do. Friends, relatives, and even strangers online are often more than willing to share their tales, both good and bad.

One tip that virtually everyone can agree upon is that preparation is key. This not only includes the trip itself, but making sure your home is properly secure while traveling. Home security can give you greater peace of mind. Here are some tips for honeymooners to ensure homes remain safe and secure while traveling.

Have Someone Check In

One of the best ways to monitor the security of a home is to have a trusted friend or relative check in on it every day or so. They should make sure windows are secured and doors are locked. Any newspapers or fliers should be brought inside the home. If mail is still being delivered, that should be brought in as well. Perhaps they could do a quick walk around the home.

Put Lights on Timers

Light timers are an inexpensive way to add security to your home. Get two or more and have them go on and off at different times. This can give the impression someone is at home and discourage any would-be burglars. Placing them in different rooms can also be effective.

Also, consider installing some smart tech in the home. Smart tech includes things such as a wireless security system and cameras that can be accessed from a smartphone.

Leave a Radio On

Another way to give the impression someone is at home is to leave a radio on while you are gone. A talk radio station can give the impression a conversation is taking place inside the home.

Have Mail Stopped

If you can’t get someone to stop in occasionally to your home to check in on it, at least make sure you have the post office hold your mail for during the time you will be away.

Don’t Order Any Package Deliveries Prior to Your Trip

One mistake that is easy to avoid is not ordering anything to be delivered to the home prior to departure. A package sitting on a doorstep is an indicator no one is home and may be a temptation to others. When ordering anything to be delivered to your home, make sure you allow plenty of time so you can receive it prior to your trip.

Install Motion Sensors on Outdoor Lighting

An outdoor porch light or another outdoor lighting can easily be modified to include motion detectors. These will automatically turn on the lights if someone approaches the home, and will hopefully serve as a deterrent.

Make Sure the Yard is Maintained

An overgrown yard can be a clue the owners are not at home. If the honeymoon is for a week or less, lawn care can probably be taken care of ahead of time. If you are taking an extended honeymoon you will likely want to consider having someone maintain your yard in your absence.

Consider a Security System

If you’ve ever considered a home security system, now may be the time to investigate further. Systems can be as simple as an alarm or more complex systems include video monitoring and can even be accessed by smartphone. Systems that are monitored by the alarm company can provide greater security. If you presently have an alarm company they should be notified so they can make note.

Make Sure the Garage is Locked

One area of weakness in the security of a home is the garage. Don’t rely on the garage door opener itself to provide the necessary security. Instead, physically lock the garage door from the inside. Many doors include a sliding bar that secures the door to the rails preventing the door from being lifted.

Be Cautious About What is Posted on Social Media

Even if every precaution has been taken, the security of your house can be still compromised by you or someone you know through an inadvertent social media post. Make sure your settings are private and be cautious about talking about when you will be gone on social media. Let others know of your concerns and request that they keep your plans low profile. While it can be tempting to “tell the world” about your trip on social media, that may be better left for your return.

Better Safe than Sorry

According to Forbes Magazine, the average couple will spend about $4,500 on their honeymoon trip. That can pale in comparison to the valuables left at home. Since many couples take their honeymoon soon after their marriage ceremonies, this can leave a home full of valuable and meaningful gifts. Taking appropriate steps to secure your home allows you better to enjoy your time away. It will also help ensure those gifts will be there upon your return. Prepare and take the necessary steps to keep your home and its contents safe during this very special time.