Practical Tips for a Romantic Trip to Spain

Whether you’re looking for a sun-kissed honeymoon destination or a romantic city break for two, Spain offers a fabulous wealth of choices. From the endless beaches of the Costas to the cosmopolitan splendor of Madrid and Barcelona, the sultry laid-back charms of Seville and Granada to the picture-postcard beauty of Toledo and Avila, Spain really does offer something for every happy couple.

While there is a temptation to wallow in the romantic side of the ideal couple’s break, they don’t plan themselves. So, while talking practicalities might sound like a mood-killer, it actually serves a higher purpose – the more you prepare in advance, the more you can enjoy your love bubble while away without risking any rude intrusions from the real world.

So rather than doing the usual rundown of the most romantic destinations Spain has to offer, let’s take a different tack and offer some practical tips on booking that perfect romantic break to the land of sun, sangria, and long afternoon siestas.

Head off the beaten path

Listed are some of the major Spanish destinations renowned for attracting couples. But if you want to see Spain at its most romantic and beautiful, it really pays to get out of the big cities and discover some of its hidden secrets. Out of the big cities, the pace of life in rural Spain slows right down, which is exactly what you want to indulge in a little quality time for two.

Hire a guide

There are two ways to look at a romantic break. One is to aim to do as little as possible aside from enjoying each other’s company in as breathtakingly gorgeous a setting as possible. The other is to immerse yourself in the sights and culture of a place, striving to stimulate your senses, your mind and the conversation between the two of you to strengthen the mutual bond. If you like the sound of the latter, hiring a guide can really help you to get under the skin of wherever you choose, enabling you to find those hidden gems and understand more about the fabulous culture and history Spain has to offer, leaving you both feeling enriched.

Focus on food

A candlelit table, good wine, engaging conversation, and fine cuisine – it’s a recipe for love that has been written through the ages. And Spain is one of the world’s best places to visit for food lovers and lovers looking for fine food! From world-famous dishes like paella and tortilla to regional specialties like Galician octopus and Castilian suckling pig, Spain is full of must-try culinary delights that are bound to serve up the perfect first course to love.

Get the right travel insurance

Nothing kills the passion like something going wrong on your trip. But while you can’t prevent accidents, people falling ill or luggage being lost while you are away, you can minimise the impact. Taking out appropriate travel insurance for your holiday to Spain will at least mean that, should you fall unlucky, you can at least rest assured you won’t be hit hard in the pocket, which will help you enjoy the rest of your trip.

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