Relationship Rituals to Keep You Connected

Regardless of where you are on the planet, what you’re doing or who you’re with, a routine of one kind or another will kick in. It could be part of your day or your week that becomes repetitive, and with that, we switch into autopilot.

There’s comfort in that predictability, but to avoid it becoming monotonous, it’s good to add some spice and ensure life is a colorful collection of new experiences. This is most important when it comes to your relationship.

Here are some easy and fun tips you can incorporate into your daily life to ensure your connection with your partner stays fresh and exciting.

Sit Together

This is as simple as it gets and an essential start in connecting. Life can be super fast. Spare minutes are rarely about relaxation, but instead, about cramming more into the time we have available. At first, this may feel pointless and even frustrating. The idea is to teach yourself to slow down and enjoy the simple company of someone you love. Better yet, snuggle up close under a plush comforter or get entangled in a Papasan chair, available here. Enjoy that feeling of closeness… and wherever it leads you…

Play Games

If you’ve been “Mr. Business” all day, it’s time to shed some of that seriousness and take part in some quality, childlike fun. Games are enjoyable, they make you laugh, and as a result, you de-stress. Find games you both love and revel in a little friendly competition. Game nights, road trip games, people watching at an airport or cafe will give you something silly and stimulating to share.

Eat Together

Dining out or eating in is always better with company, and what better company than your partner. Instead of munching down a meal while standing at the kitchen counter, set the table and add candles to make it a special occasion.

If your schedules don’t quite allow, plan at least one night a week where you can go out for dinner, or create a mini Masterchef experience at home.

No Devices

Okay, a “no device” rule may be a little extreme depending on what work you do, but a cut off time is key. If you’re always connected to the office or a chatty group of friends, chances are dinners, quiet chats and intimate time will be interrupted. We all know when we only have half a person’s attention, and it’s not a great feeling. Put the phone on silent and leave it in the other room.

Walk-Off Tension

Outside of the obvious health benefits of taking a walk, it’s a natural mood enhancer and an excuse to hold hands.

If you’ve had an argument, stewing in opposite corners of the house will not remedy anything. Take a walk to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective. Having your attention spread wider that the confines of your room will help you make better decisions and lift both your spirits so a resolution will arrive a lot sooner.

Plan Surprises

Even people who “don’t like surprises”, like surprises some of the time. You know your partner better than most and know what puts a smile on their face. Make them feel special, and not just on their Birthdays. Plan a trip away that they’re not expecting, get a small gift or write them a letter.

If they’re having a challenging week, do something to get them out of their funk, and if you don’t know what would work at the moment, just ask. Knowing you care is often all that’s needed to turn a frown upside down.

Find a Series You Both Love

Instead of going your separate ways when its TV time, find something you both love to watch together. You’ll not only have fun but have extra things to discuss during the day.

Share YouTube videos that interest or amuse each other. A show or clip that you’re both obsessed with, works its way into how you communicate. These shared experiences will create inside jokes that only the two of you get, further strengthening your connection.

Grab a Drink

Share the events of the day over a drink. Better yet, plan your next travel adventures over a glass of wine. It could be your favorite coffee shop in the middle of a workday, or if you’re in a city with lots to offer, discover a new spot to meet. Find any excuse for a celebratory drink together.

Time Apart

This may sound counterproductive, but for couples who work and travel together, this can be a welcome break. Spending time apart allows you to miss each other, and when you come together again, you get to share the experiences you’ve had. Use this time to visit a museum or take a yoga class that your partner would rather skip. Allowing each other time for personal growth means you have two well-balanced individuals coming together to form a stronger unit.

This collection of tips builds upon the obvious relationship rules, like intimacy and all that warm fuzzy stuff. Always greet each other hello and goodbye with a kiss. Say “I Love You” and complement one another. Be happy to see each other after spending time apart, and show interest in what your partner loves, even if it’s not your favorite thing.

Don’t go to bed angry, and learn to say “Sorry”. And most importantly, don’t eat your significant others cookie stash unless you plan to replace it in time!

What is your top piece of relationship advice? Feel free to share what works magic for you.

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