Where To Go For A Romantic Getaway In North Carolina

 North Carolina is a state that wears many hats. Historians hold a place in their hearts for the Tar Heel state as the birthplace of flight and the state that paved the way to public higher education opportunities. Many locals love their home state for the affordable cost of living, emphasis on family life, wonderful economic opportunities and of course…the delicious barbeque.

When it comes to travelers, North Carolina pulls them in from near and far in the name of stunning mountain ranges, pristine coastline and a maze of trails that lead to pieces of each of these natural wonders. The Blue Ridge, Appalachian, and the Great Smoky Mountains all call North Carolina home, making it a picturesque journey between landforms and spectacular views from start to finish.

The diversity of North Carolina’s landscape and rich history and culture make it a wonderful place to honeymoon or simply seek a romantic escape. Whether it’s the first adventure as a married couple, or a renewal of love that was confirmed long ago, a North Carolina romantic getaway comes complete with the lovely scenery, delicious dining options, and amazing ambiance that when combined, create an unforgettable experience. Here are a few places to consider when it’s time to take to the road in the name of romance.

Emerald Isle

One of the most undeniable romantic features of North Carolina is the gorgeous coastline. Emerald Isle takes the prize when it comes to the ultimate beach lover’s romantic getaway destination. Sprawling over 29-miles of land and sea, Emerald Isle claims the wonderfully sandy space between Jacksonville and Morehead City beautifully. Home to the North Carolina Aquarium as well as prime opportunities for kayaking, scuba diving, and paddle boarding, Emerald Isle calls to couples looking for a scenic and beach-centered experience in North Carolina.


Every romance is unique and if you are part of a couple that thrives on discovering one-of-a-kind moments together to keep the flame fanned, Corolla is the perfect place to spend some quality time. This Outer Banks destination is known for Corolla Park as well as its proximity to Currituck Beach Lighthouse but beyond these features, majestic creatures are waiting to welcome you. Wild horses that roam the sandy beaches quickly captivate the imaginations of visitors. There’s nothing like taking a romantic walk down the coast just to encounter a herd of free-roaming wild horses along the way. When you’re in the mood for a getaway that includes the best of nature’s creatures give Corolla a try.

Nags Head

When it comes to romantic getaways, nothing brings couples closer than an incredible view or two. Those who are looking for a North Carolina retreat that confirms mutual adoration with a scenic backdrop to match will want to make their way towards Nags Head. It’s difficult to look anywhere when you’re in this Outer Banks destination without running into unmatched beauty. Take time for an enchanting visit to Bodie Lighthouse, easily recognized by its bold black and white strips standing in stark contrast to the blue sea. Meander along Nags Head Fishing Pier for some well-deserved quality time gazing across the peaceful Atlantic. Wherever you wander, Nags Head is sure to bring the serenity you’re searching for in a romantic getaway.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

While some couples yearn for a beachside getaway, others find their points of romantic connection in a vast expanse of wilderness. North Carolina is home to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, making it one of the most memorable destinations for those couples that love to get out together and get into nature. This stunning national park offers romantic travelers the opportunities to match their camping getaway to the terrain they’re seeking. Backpackers with a passion for taking on the most rugged trails will want to try one of the many backcountry campsites the park hosts. Frontcountry campsites accommodate travelers looking to stay within the wooded areas but within reach of nearby facilities such as potable water dispensers and restrooms. Whatever route you choose, Great Smoky Mountain National Park promises to be a romantic getaway that immerses you in nature’s beauty.

Ocean Isle Beach

Romance is all about balance and North Carolina offers up plenty of opportunities to explore popular tourist destinations while taking advantage of lesser frequented locations nearby when it’s time to get away from it all. Ocean Isle Beach provides romantic travelers with wonderful proximity to ever-popular Myrtle Beach without the overwhelming summer crowds. This seaside village of just under 600 year-round residents welcomes guests with a quaint ambiance and laid-back pace. It’s a great place to come and soak up the rays before heading over to the Museum of Coastal Carolina for a close look at the spectacular marine life that calls North Carolina home. When you’re ready to mix and mingle, North Myrtle Beach is a mere 22-miles away and waiting for you.

Linville Gorge

Couples looking for a romantic getaway to North Carolina that provides ample time for hiking the trails and promises spectacular vantage points will want to spend quality time at Linville Gorge. Challenge seekers that bond over a shared passion for pushing athletic sports to the limits will love the trails that wind through scenic slopes. A variety of rim views and side trails make Linville Gorge a perfect place for those craving unbeatable photo stops. Linville Falls and Table Rock Mountain indulge cascade lovers and those that live for the next impressive vantage point. The Linville Gorge hugs the Linville River and provides steep and stunning overlooks that span 12-miles. Rising up to 4,000 feet in elevation at certain points, Linville Gorge is the dream destination for couples looking to spend a romantic getaway taking on the natural world together.

Yadkin Valley/Swan Creek

While North Carolina is well-loved for its many beaches and lush forests, it’s equally adored for its wine country which beckons travelers in the name of romance and the chance to sip something spectacular. Head to Yadkin Valley and Swan Creek when you’re looking for a trip for two that speaks to a palate pleased by flavors that span the red, white and sparkling spectrum. A vast number of commercial wine producers call this area their home, taking advantage of the weather, rich soil and influx of travelers. This American Viticultural Area is teeming with opportunities for vineyard tours and wineries that encourage guests to drop by for a stop at their tasting room. Come and find your favorite or make your way through them all when you travel to North Carolina in the name of love.

North Carolina Calling

At its very core, a romantic getaway embraces the idea of a personalized escape made for two. North Carolina is well-versed in offering up the diverse landscape and entertainment travelers require to create a unique experience that’s all their own. Whether you love the mountains, have a heart for the beach or need a weekend of wine tasting, North Carolina is the ideal romantic destination.

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