7 Romantic Things to Do in Dubai

A lot of people have this notion that Dubai is not exactly a great place for couples that wish to go on a romantic getaway because of the predominantly conservative culture.

Truthfully, however, the City of Gold is actually one of the most romantic destinations on Earth. Couples who are focused on discovering the world more through a variety of shared experiences can certainly have a wonderful time here.

So, if you are thinking of coming to the most progressive city in the Middle East for your honeymoon, provided below is a collection of ideas to make this important getaway as enjoyable and satisfying as possible for you and your significant other.

1. Childish Thrills

Among the best date places in Dubai are its amusement parks, and there are many to choose from. There are all sorts of parks here — from water theme parks to a park dedicated to the colorful Indian film industry. These places feature thrilling rides and countless exciting attractions.

Couples come here for a rush of adrenaline, souvenir shopping, and decadent food.

2. Couple Strolls

The Dubai Miracle Garden is perhaps the best place to visit for couples who just want to spend time together walking and taking pictures they can keep for a lifetime.

This enormous garden has millions of flowers. If you come with your spouse here during the peak season, you will delight in the colorful blooms and most likely will be reminded of your wedding day.

And, when you get tired of walking around, there are restaurants and kiosks in the garden where you can sit and enjoy a meal.

3. Cultural Exploration

Learning new things together with your partner can actually be romantic because you have each other as a witness to your growth in knowledge.

Historical and heritage sites in Dubai such as the Bastakiya Quarter, the Dubai Museum, and the Al Seef District are just some of the places to visit with someone you love. Here you will learn a lot about the humble beginnings of Dubai and how, in just a short span of time, it grew into one of the most important economic cities in the world.

Most of the cultural destinations in the city also provide insight into traditional households and family dynamics.

4. Desert Adventures

The majestic desert of Dubai offers a multitude of adventures. You can ride a hot air balloon, travel via camel or a luxurious 4×4, snowboard, and even take part in a grand evening banquet.

There are a lot of desert adventure packages to choose from and many are even designed specifically for couples that really just want a romantic time in the desert. A package to consider is one that includes a private dinner setup for two.

A romantic dinner date in the desert is unique and intimate, and the location is always gorgeous so you and your loved one are sure to have a memorable time.

5. Extravagant Dinner Dates

Speaking of romantic dinners with your partner, Dubai has some of the most extravagant dinner destinations in the world.

You can choose from fancy hotel restaurants located inside or right next to man-made wonders like the Burj Khalifa, to trendy dining establishments built by world-famous chefs. There are also dhow cruises along the Dubai Creek that offer a multi-course dinner for couples accompanied with music from a string quartet.

So, if you want a sweet and relaxed meal with your spouse, Dubai has provisions that perfectly meet this requirement. You can look them up online or ask the concierge of your hotel to find one for you.

6. Luxurious Relaxation

The city’s top hotels have packages purely intended to give couples prime relaxation. You can get massages and other treatments to rejuvenate not just your body but also your mind.

Not only those, but certain accommodations throughout the city also create an environment where couples can receive a VIP treatment. Rooms are impressively romantic and there are complimentary services and private amenities to ensure the enjoyment of honeymooning guests.

7. Glorious Sunrise and Sunset

One of the most romantic activities for couples that Dubai offers are viewings of sunrises and sunsets. There are numerous ways you can witness a stunning sunrise and/or sunset.

A hot air balloon ride over the desert at dawn is one of them. As for the sunset, take a trip to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and see two sunsets on the same day. See your first sunset at the base of the structure. Afterward, take the lift to see your second sunset from the observation deck.

Seeing the sunrise and set together creates an intimate memory – you and your significant other start and end the day in each other’s presence. This is an experience that can become quite rare as you progress into your relationship. So, grab the opportunity while you can.

The City of Gold offers a number of lovely possibilities for a romantic escape, so do not disregard it as a destination for a honeymoon or holiday with your beloved.


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