Everyone wants an unforgettable honeymoon. Something out of the ordinary… something magical. And with Earth being a melting pot of exemplary destinations, picking one country to go on a honeymoon is not easy.

There are places we fondly call “city of love”, “city of romance”, “city that never sleeps” and while these make great honeymoon destinations, there is one place far more secluded and untouched, providing a unique flavor and a heap of intimate vibes perfect for a romantic getaway: Tanzania. So how is it any different? Well here is all the information you need to know if you are planning to spend your honeymoon in Tanzania.

for Honeymooners

Tanzania is located in the
Eastern part of Africa, neighbouring countries of Kenya and Uganda to the
North, Rwanda and Burundi to the West and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to the
South. The main airport of Tanzania is in Dar Es Salaam, although you can also
fly straight to Kilimanjaro for the Safari takeoff places or Zanzibar in the

Tanzania romantic candle lit dinner for honeymoon couple

Tanzania offers a perfect setting for
honeymooners with a combination of unique experiences in the wild and some of
the best beaches in the world. And to top this, it still sees a relatively low
amount of tourists each year which helps to ensure you get a more pristine
experience without the huge crowds that you easily find in more popular places.

The popular choice for honeymooners
visiting Tanzania is to combine a safari with relaxation at the beach. The most
well known places to see wildlife up close is the Serengeti National Park and
the Ngorongoro Crater. Both are located in the North Western part of the
country with a rich wildlife and almost guarantees sightings of the big 5 –
Elephants, Leopard, Buffalo, Lion, and Rhinoceros. This is also where you can
experience the famous annual Wildebeest Migration taking place.

If you are looking for a more pristine
and less visited place to see wildlife, you should head South where you will
find the Selous Game Reserve. For beach, nothing beats the amazing beaches of
Zanzibar. Here, you will find the whitest powdery sand and crystal clear
waters, perfect for swimming or snorkeling. Plus, Zanzibar has plenty of other
experiences such as spice tour, dolphin watching or a walking tour of the old
town of Stone Town.


Romantic Safari

There is nothing wilder than a honeymoon
in an African wilderness – lions roaring at a distance, giraffes browsing the
trees, zebras grazing at the savannas, and birds chirping in a beautiful
melody. You will be able to enjoy a wildlife safari, meeting wild animals eye
to eye, with your loved one as you both ride aboard your own private open-sided
vehicle which helps you feel really more upclose with the wild.

honeymoon safari

At the end of the day, you get to retreat
in a lovely tented camp or lodge, luxurious or rugged depending on your style.
Despite being in the wild, you will still be able to enjoy world-class
amenities such as ensuite bath, electricity, plush sheets and comfortable beds,
and even WiFi!

Thankfully, Tanzania is home to the
largest population of animals per square meter in the world. Aside from its
astounding wildlife, its quintessential landscapes provide breathtaking
backdrops for your romantic honeymoon. The best thing
is, all of it is only just an arm’s reach away from your lodge/camp!

See the Great
Migration in the Serengeti

Did you know that Tanzania is home to the
iconic Serengeti National Park? This park is one of the most sought-after
safari game parks in the world, mainly due to its stupendous wildlife display
all throughout the year, and of course, the dramatic Great Wildebeest
. This wildlife event is deemed the largest inland
migration in the world. It is so astounding that it is most often called “The
World Cup of Wildlife” and even recognized as one of Africa’s Seven Wonders.

Great Wildebeest migration in Tanzania as animals cross a river

What makes the Great Migration
ultra-amazing is that it happens all year-round, with some months highlighting
important events such as the river crossings between June and October, and the
calving season which happens around January to March. So when in Tanzania for
your honeymoon, sharing this once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list-worthy experience
with your loved one will really be an excellent idea.

If you’re wondering what you can see
during this jaw-dropping event, imagine this: Remember that scene in The Lion
King when wildebeests were stampeding across the dusty plains and dry river
banks? That’s just a part of it. Because beyond that scene is an enormous 2.5
million population of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles, plus a bountiful of
predators like lions, hyenas, leopards, and Nile crocodiles. Predator-prey
interactions are also very abundant, making your honeymoon an adventure of a

Stay at the
Picturesque Crater Rim

Tanzania is also home to UNESCO World
Heritage Site, Ngorongoro Crater. It is just about 2 hours away from Serengeti,
and its landscape is so surreal it could create one interesting backdrop to any
romantic honeymoon. What once was a majestic volcano which imploded million
years ago is now the world’s largest caldera, amazingly hosting 25,000 animals
including endangered wild dogs and rhinos. So imagine being in your comfortable
lodge with your loved one, looking out to the Crater with a drink in hand while
the sun slowly sets and gives an orange-pink hue on the sky. Also, Ngorongoro
Crater is known to provide one of the most fascinating picnics in Tanzania! You
get to dine in the middle of the wild with animals surrounding you.

Explore Bush to

Tanzania’s wild side is in no doubt
captivating. But did you know you can also enjoy some of the world’s most
stunning and relaxing beaches in this country? In Zanzibar, an archipelago
along the Indian Ocean, you get to revel in a tropical paradise complete with
palm trees, white sandy shores, turquoise blue waters, amazing coral reef and a
hodgepodge of beach activities! You can also explore maze-like streets,
interesting historic structures, cultural spots and flea markets in the UNESCO Heritage Site of
Stone Town
. What better way to spend your honeymoon than to hit two
memorable worlds in one go, right?

honeymoon resort in Tanzania on the beach

Here are the different regions of

  • North coast: The more secluded area
    with less crowds and least tidal changes. Popular beaches include Kendwa and
    Nungwi. Popular activities include dhow sailing, beach bumming and scuba
  • East coast: Relaxing beaches can be
    found in this area, with vast accommodation options that range from budget to
    ultra luxury. Popular beaches include Paje, and Jambiani in the southern part
    and Matamwe in the North East part. The East coast is known for the Popular
    activities include snorkelling, kite surfing, diving, boating and cycling.
  • South coast: A more remote and less
    developed area than the rest of Zanzibar. The most popular place here is
    Kizimkazi where you can go on a morning excursion to see dolphins and visit the
    oldest mosque in East Africa.
  • West coast and Central: This is the most
    popular and crowded region of Zanzibar offering both beaches and cultural and
    historic sites. It includes popular activities such as tour around Stone town,
    visit to various cultural sites, joining the famous spice tours and visiting
    Jozani forest to see the red colobus monkeys.

Cruise Along the
Rufiji River in Selous

Selous Game Reserve is the largest fauna
reserve in the world and one of the continent’s largest protected areas. It is
located in southern Tanzania, the more remote and quieter part of the country,
promising a more intimate atmosphere. Aside from exciting game drives, there is
another wonderful activity you can share with your loved one here: boat

Meandering through the park to flow into
the Indian Ocean is one of the country’s largest rivers, Rufiji. Nile
crocodiles and hippos inhabit the river and fascinating bird species can be
found in the river banks. Romantic cruises along the river can be very
exhilarating. You can even have drinks on board while you enjoy a sundowner at
dusk, gently bobbing down the river and listening to the wildlife, hand in hand
with your spouse.

Start Your
Morning in the Sky

romantic morning hot air balloon ride in Africa

Typical honeymoons start with an intimate
breakfast for two either at a lush restaurant, a well-manicured garden or a
shaded space at the beachfront. You can add in some rose petals spread out to
make the place even more romantic. In Tanzania, you have the opportunity to
spend your morning the unique way: an early morning hot air balloon ride as you wait for
the sun to rise, slowly kissing the savannas and making it golden while peering
over the stupendous wildlife dotted across the plains. Once you land, bush
breakfast usually awaits and you get to indulge in a sumptuous breakfast spread
in the midst of the wild.

Dinner Under the

Romantic sunset better in African countryside

“Eating out” in Tanzania is taken to a
new level as you and your loved one get to enjoy a chef-prepared meal under the
stars. As your dinner is being prepared, enjoy sunset drinks in the wild with an
amazing view over the savannah. Meanwhile, a romantic place will be set up for
your meal. It is our choice if you prefer a fancy dinner plan or a barbecue
setup. Either way, your dinner will be served in a dreamy way with no one else
but you, your loved one and the stars dazzling over you.

to Stay

For the perfect honeymoon setting,
nothing beats a stay right in the center of the wilderness. Serengeti Acacia
Seronera Camp
is a luxury tented camping option that lets you experience
the rawness of the Serengeti without compromising top-notch service. You will
not just hear crickets at night. We’re talking about lion roars from kilometers

tanizania honeymoon suites

In Zanzibar, The Z Hotel Zanzibar is a chic boutique
hotel that promises to provide  an
authentic beach-holiday experience with its contemporary london–inspired
designs, high caliber service standards, and a touch of African hospitality
like an icing to your cake. It’s just a few steps away from the powdery sand
Zanzibar is known for.

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge gives
unobstructed views of the magnificent sunsets to the west, and located at the
highest point on Ngorongoro crater’s entire rim. It stands well over half a
kilometre above the crater floor. Imagine sweeping and unparalleled views  across this enormous caldera, need we say

– A Honeymooners Paradise

Tanzania is truly a honeymooners’
paradise. Its natural beauty and incredible wildlife are something to behold…
something unmissable. And if extraordinary is what you’re looking for in a
honeymoon, Tanzania truly has this magic.