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Paris offers the perfect romantic backdrop for your honeymoon. It’s truly a lovers’ paradise, with its scenic landscapes, historical and cultural landmarks and attractions, and not to mention its luxurious and laid back lifestyle. The city lends itself to tons of activities perfect for couples.

Where To Stay During Your Honeymoon In Paris

When looking for a place to stay location is important, but with Paris’s metro, getting around is pretty easy.  Your budget is probably the biggest determining factor.  Even on a low budget, you should be able to find adequate accommodations, but if you can, a honeymoon is a perfect time to splurge one of the luxury hotels in Paris.

Hotel Le Littre  – $$ (From $160 euros/night)

  • Located between Montparnasse & Saint Germain des Prés, Hotel Le Littre is a family owned hotel that recently finished renovations, resulting in an elevated experience. Included in your stay is an exceptional breakfast each day as well as several other amenities including a top of the line sauna. We loved staying at Hotel Le Littre and found the staff to be top notch. For an added bonus, the top two floor have a few suite available with a private balcony and view of the Eiffel Tower

Shangri-La Hotel – $$$ (From $617 euros/night)

  • Formally the private residence of Napoleon, the Shangri-La offers a historic context with grand stairways and a wedding-cake façade. The bedrooms and suites are classically Parisian, some even with rooftop terraces with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Hotel Vernets – $$ (From $205 euros/night)

  • Considered to be one of the hip design hotels in Paris, Hotel Vernet offers a spectacular experience with a modern twist. With its colorful interior it definitely should enliven your stay.

Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris – $$$ (From $586 euros/night)

  • This hybrid of retro and contemporary styles will bring an artistic flare among its eclectic lamps and tables. Don’t forget the cascade of chandeliers in their stairwell. The ambiance will add some colorful charm to your honeymoon.

Hotel D’Aubusson – $$ (From $220 euros/night)

  • This 17th century themed establishment envelopes the cultural class of Parisian life. With rooms with high ceilings and tall windows, the rooms are sized well for their price. This place will allow you some financial flexibility while still immersing yourself in an authentic Paris.

Hotel Mathis – $$ (From $134 euros/night)

Honeymoon Hotel in Paris

  • Located near the Champs-Elysees, Hotel Mathis provides a unique opportunity to stay close to one of Paris’ most cherished landmarks and shopping centers. Each of their 23 rooms are designed with a unique color scheme and mood. Their stylish rooms are a mix of vintage features and modern luxuries. Best of all, you do not have to sacrifice location for price.

Hotel Grand Amour – $ (From $60 euros/night)

  • Hotel Grand Amour is an ambitious boutique hotel in the upcoming 10e district. It attracts a fashionable crow with their retro chic decorated rooms. Definitely a place to check out if you’re an urbanite couple that wants an interior décor that really reflect a pop smart lifestyle.

Hotel Da Vinci & Spa – $$$ (From $315 euros/night)

  • For those looking for to treat themselves, this destination offers you a hotel stay by the river with exceptional service. Though their rooms might be on the small side, forget your stresses with a massage and a spa treatment, then you can head back to your room with a bottle of wine waiting for you.

Where to Eat & Drink 

Astier – Make your honeymoon special with an authentic classical and casual French dining experience. For $35 (euros) per person, you’ll get an app, main course, dessert, and a cheese course. I’m thinking of fitting in some escargot somewhere in there.


Macroons in Paris

Treat your sweet-tooth with some gourmet macarons. No one does them better.

Dillettantes – How could anyone say no to champagne tastings?

Septime – If you’re more into a gastronomic experience this is definitely the place that’ll blow your mind. This restaurant has acquired innovative chefs that like to think they’re alchemists. You’ll have to book at least three weeks in advance.

Derriere – This place offers you a modern French experience. The chill vibe of this establishment wants you to play table tennis or sit on the side of the bed while the cooks create a deadly serious meal to indulge yourself in.

Note: Tips are usually already included in your meal.

Grabs some Crepes, they are everywhere.  We enjoyed crepes from a street vendor late one night.  They were the cheapest ones we had and we loved them. We also had crepes at La Crêperie de Josselin and Breizh Café

Where to Shop

Au Printemps & Rue du Faubourg Saint – Honore

These two places will give you the best Paris shopping experience. You’ll find why all the celebrities come here in search of their most coveted designer goods.

Le Marais

For a more bohemian feel, check out the shops in the Le Marais neighborhood.  They feel more Parisian and are full of variety.  Avoid Mondays when most shops are closed.

Things to do during your honeymoon

There really are so many romantic things to do in Paris. Of course, there are so many things you might know as typical touristy things to do and I really loved those attractions.  Visit the Eiffel Tower, go on a boat ride down the Seine, learn how to make Macaroons together and go to the Louvre.  It is all worth it and I did not find any of it overrated!

In case they weren’t already on your list, here are a few more ideas of things to do that not everyone gets the chance to do during their trip.

Late-night tour with Cedric’s Paris. Take a romantic street tour of the city’s night lights in a 2CV car. Your driver might already have a bottle of champagne or wine to accompany you and your sweetheart through the romantic views of Paris.

Enjoy the Champs – Elysees, Paris’ most famous street. Snap a photo of the Arc De Triomphe and wander around in search of your next snack, show, or shop.

Montmartre – With an overlook the breathtaking cityscape, you can take your significant other on a journey through the narrow street of Paris walking through the neighborhoods where Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and many other renowned artists used to have their studios.

Palace de Versailles – It’s about an hour away if you’re looking to get out of the City for a moment. With royal vistas, you can capture a moment of history while transporting the two of you into another world.

Moulin Rouge – Catch a cabaret show and enjoy the Paris night scene. Enjoy a risqué performance along with a cocktail and throw some edge into your honeymoon.

Palais de Tokyo – If you’re itching to see what’s new in the international art scene make a visit to Palais de Tokyo. They always have new exhibitions and sure to inspire a unique perspective.

Quick Tips:

  • There’s a metro, so getting around is fairly easy.
  • Europe is known for their pickpockets. Always be careful and aware of your surroundings and your valuables.

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